Auctions with Vintage Pawnbrokers

We hold 4 online auctions a year where we have an eclectic mix of items for you to purchase at below retail price.

We cover:

Prestige watches
Luxury goods
Antique silver and collectables
Fine jewellery

Sell at our auctions

If you possess exceptional items that others are sure to admire, why not have it valuated to determine how much it is worth?

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Once the worth of your item has been established and you find it acceptable, we will guide you through the auctioning process and consign your item to the next appropriate auction, ensuring that it will receive the attention it deserves.


To secure the consignment of your possession, you need to sign a contract with Vintage Pawnbrokers so that we can feature it in our catalogue. This contract includes the details of your reserve price and seller’s commission.

Approximately two weeks before the auction, you will be notified of the lot numbers allocated to your item and will receive a catalogue featuring this item.