Collect and deliver

Not comfortable visiting a store with such costly items? Not to worry!

We have arranged secure postal and courier services that enable us to arrange a loan or purchase your valuables remotely.

What do you need to do?

Start the process by completing the online registration form below. We will be in touch to verify your identity, discuss your transaction needs, and obtain photos of the items you want to lend against or sell.

Contact us01372738054

Once we have finalised your requirements, we will either (depending on the circumstances):

  • Send you a free of charge shipping pack
  • Arrange a courier to collect your items
  • Collect your items in person

*Home appraisal: Take note, if you have high-value assets or want to use multiple assets to secure your loan, an expert appraiser can come to appraise your assets on location.

When we receive your valuables, we will conduct a complete and thorough valuation, after which we’ll contact you to provide a loan or purchase offer.

If you accept our offer, a contract will be emailed to you, to be signed with a digital signature. Once the contract has been returned to us, the funds will be transferred into your personal bank account.

If you do not accept our offer, we’ll return your items free of charge.

Delivery security

We pride ourselves on using and providing delivery services that are completely secure and reliable.

Our selected shipment service’s are Royal Mail Special Delivery and DHL

If you’d rather send your items without using our free shipping pack, we encourage you to use Royal Mail Special Delivery as well. They give you the option of choosing the level of insurance you’d like to apply to the package. The standard levels Royal Mail provide are £500, £1000 and £2500.

If you believe that your items’ value exceeds £2500, we advise additional insurance, purchased at your own cost.

If you choose to use the free shipping pack provided, your items are thereby insured to the value of £10,000.

Find out how valuable your valuables are! It’s simple, quick and affordable!