How Watches and Gold are the Best Investments for Your Future

How Watches and Gold are the Best Investments for Your Future

Purchasing jewellery as an investment is not a new concept. As experts in our industry, we know that the right piece of jewellery can increase in value over time. Furthermore, it is often favoured for those who want to be able to get some enjoyment from their investment rather than just locking it away in a safe.

Following Brexit, there has been some uncertainty surrounding the economic climate. Although we haven’t experienced a huge negative impact as yet, growth of the economy is expected to slow down to 1.2% over the course of this year, according to economists PwC UK. So how can you secure your future with a good investment? The answer may lie in investing in the right piece of jewellery.

Better value than an ISA

It is has also now been discovered that some pieces are actually better value than investing in an ISA. At Vintage Pawnbrokers, we specialise in prestige watches, particularly the classic Rolex models. These have been found to provide more profit when valued in 2016 than ISAs taken out over the same period. In fact, the difference in value can be quite astonishing. Take the Rolex 1019 Milgauss for example. In 1969, this model was originally sold for £171, but reached a value of over £22,800 in 2016. That’s a profit of over £21,600, whereas the interest of a 4% ISA over the same period would amount to just £2125. This means that, over time, a Rolex can provide 10 times more profit than an ISA.

Purchasing the right piece

It is important to remember that investing in jewellery is not as simple as going out to your local retailer and buying just any item at full price. There are a few different aspects that can increase the value of a piece. For example, something from a highly regarded designer such as Cartier will retain its value far better than something from a standard jeweller, as will a piece from a revered collection from a famous person, such as Elizabeth Taylor.

Brand new pieces from high street retailers should be avoided, so this is where Vintage Pawnbrokers can help to ensure you get the maximum value for your investment. Using secondary market sources, such as auction houses or pawnbrokers will give you a far more reasonable cost, allowing your profit to be maximised over time.

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