Is Craftsmanship Being Compromised By The Digital Age?

Is Craftsmanship Being Compromised By The Digital Age?

Advances in technology have led to major developments in many areas with watches being no exception. Since digital watches first hit the market in the 1970’s, technology has come on in leaps and bounds resulting in the smartwatches we know today. With the convenience of wearable technology in digital watch form, does this mean the end for the traditional craftsmanship of the mechanical watch? Absolutely not, and below we explore why.

Design over function

The main draw of a traditional watch is that they are often more attractive than their digital counterparts. They are not just a functional device, but also serve as a stylish accessory. You wouldn’t wear a smartwatch with your evening wear as it just wouldn’t fit in, whereas there are a huge variety of analogue watches that would look perfect even with formal attire. Digital watch designers have even started to recognise that many consumers prefer the look of a traditional watch and, as a result, have introduced digital options with an analogue display.

Timeless Timepieces

Digital items notoriously become outdated very quickly. Updates are required frequently when they are new and, as time goes on, the software struggles to keep up with new developments until a completely new device is required. This is never a problem with a traditional mechanical watch. A very good quality analogue watch can last a lifetime, only ever needing the occasional battery change. Furthermore, some classic designs never go out of fashion so you won’t have to worry about it looking dated.

Nothing retains its value like a classic

A classically designed mechanical watch that has been produced by an expert craftsman has a certain amount of prestige, and therefore is more likely to retain its value than a digital watch. A traditional watch is considered valuable because of the time and expertise that goes into its creation, and the appreciation for the craftsmanship only increases with age. A digital watch that becomes outdated quickly will never be able to compete with a masterpiece.

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