What makes gold a wise investment? It is the marker of a well-balanced portfolio.

Gold offers wealth diversification and acts as the ultimate insurance and protection against unpredictable economic shifts. As a preserver of wealth, with high prices and record demand, this yellow metal has surpassed other forms of investment.

Online Bullion Dealer

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All our bars are supplied by the approved refiners, London Bullion Market Association (LBMA), and are brand new to ensure the highest quality. 

With us, you can buy:

  • Gold bullion (with 24 carat gold bars available in various sizes)
  • Gold coins from the biggest international mints (including our best-selling Sovereigns and Britannias – free from Capital Gains Tax)
  • Silver bars from Metalor and Umicore
  • Silver coins from internationally renowned refiners

And if this isn’t enough, you can also sell your gold to us!

That’s right.

Any gold items you may carry and want to sell can be evaluated to make sure we give you the best price for your precious metal.