The Real Pawn Stars: High End Pawn vs Outdated Reputations

Pawn shops are often portrayed on TV as being the stereotype of dodgy dealings. We all know that these programmes are fictional, so why do so many believe that pawn shops are like this in real life? We take a look at the reality of the high end pawn shop compared to the reputation.

Pawn shops and the financially savvy

When we think about the average pawn shop customer, we usually assume that they are desperately trying to make ends meet. This could not be further from the truth. In fact, pawn shop users come from all walks of life, and even include the most financially savvy.

For example, small business owners often choose to use pawn shops as a way to grow their business. Thanks to the added security of collateral items, pawn shops can approve loans that would otherwise be declined by a bank, giving business owners more opportunity to expand.

High end pawn shops only sell reputable merchandise

Despite their reputation, high end pawn shops wouldn’t dream of trying to sell something that wasn’t obtained legally. Most pawn shops have strict procedures in place to ensure that ownership of the goods they sell can be traced, and will only deal with genuine sellers. In fact, pawn shops discourage any criminal activity by helping police investigate if they believe something has not come from a legitimate source. At Vintage Pawnbrokers, we work closely with the police to ensure all of our products are sourced and sold lawfully and from reputable dealers.

Pawn shops give customers competitive prices

The common misconception of pawn shop owners is that they are only interested in getting the maximum amount of profit for themselves. In fact, high end pawn shops are actually more likely to give you a fairer price than any other buyer. At Vintage Pawnbrokers, we are experts in valuation. We take the time to personally examine each of your items and offer a trading policy of high turnover and minimal margins – offering you the best price when you sell your piece. This often means that pawn shops, such as us, are able to give you a more accurate price than if you choose to sell your high end items elsewhere.

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