The Watches of Sir Roger Moore

Dashing and debonair, the late Sir Roger Moore is, going by the tributes paid in wake of his death aged 89, one of the most loved James Bonds.

Moore played the iconic gentleman-spy seven times over 12 years bringing his own brand of wit, humour and style to the character. But of course, Bond is not just a charming lady-slayer-super-spy. He’s also a particularly snappy dresser with an eye for exquisite timepieces and Moore’s Bond was no exception. So, in the wake of his passing, lets examine his unquestionably fine taste in wrist watches by taking a look at the timepieces he wore as Bond.

Moore’s Bond played a role in cementing luxury watches, that had been craftily upgraded by Q, as an essential part of 007’s kit (alongside the obligatory tailoring and one-liners, of course). Prior to Live and Let Die, Bond’s watches were used only for telling the time and finishing off an incredibly dapper outfit. But in Moore’s first outing as Bond, the Rolex Submariner Perpetual 5513 featured a circular saw and a bullet deflecting magnet that proved equally adept at undressing Bond girls.

Live and Let Die also saw another first in its use of the digital Hamilton Pulsar P2 / 2900 LED watch, the first digital watch to be used in a Bond movie and one that brought the series into the quartz age of watchmaking.

Moore wore the Submariner Oyster Perpetual 5513 again in The Man with the Golden Gun before the series moved into a range of Seiko watches with The Spy Who Loved Me.

The Seiko watches equipped bond with tracking devices and explosives as well as an early iteration of the text message, with Mi6 using the LCD screen on his Seiko 0674 LC to summon him to headquarters.

The Hamilton Pulsar holds a special place in many a collectors heart for its retro styling and sheer “uniqueness”. But for many Bond enthusiasts, it is the Submariner Oyster Perpetual 5513 that holds the reputation for being THE Bond watch.

Moore also played Simon Templar in The Saint with a variety of watches used, the most popular was the 1964 Bulova Regatta 23.

Moore followed his time in The Saint with his iconic role as Lord Brett Sinclair in The Persuaders alongside another stylish gent, Tony Curtis. Moore’s character was regularly seen wearing one of Patek Phillipe’s classic watches, although it was never made public which model to add to the mystery.

Even after he passed the mantle of 007 on to Timothy Dalton, Moore maintained his classy and dapper persona well into his old age, heartily playing the role of international playboy alongside Unicef ambassador.

The influence of the Bond character on the watch world cannot be denied and, likewise, Roger Moore’s contribution to the character cannot be understated, meaning he will forever be remembered as one of the most loved James Bonds.

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