Watch & Jewellery Valuations

Discover how much your watch and jewellery collection is worth with our expert valuation services. We will examine your assets and provide you with an official quote and written valuation. You can use this to determine it’s worth if you plan on selling or you can use our valuation to back up your claim for insurance purposes.

When you own luxury watches or designer jewellery it is important you take out protection. Should your assets ever get lost or stolen you will need to prove their existence and value to your insurance company. We can provide you a written valuation with images so you can prove your ownership and its worth if you ever needed to do so.

We would always recommend a jewellery or watch valuation, if you own a prestige item. Watches in particular are made to last and as time progresses, you’ll often find they increase in value – especially limited-edition models. Why not check the value in case you plan on selling later down the line. Likewise, valuations are also useful for inheritance purposes so you know the worth of the item you are passing down.

How does your valuation service work?

Vintage Pawnbrokers offer a professional and complete valuation service. Call them and get in touch to arrange a valuation today. You can either bring the item to our Epsom store or send it via post to us. We will then take your item to the London Assay Office, for an expert valuation. We have contacts with the leading valuation specialists so you can trust you will receive a professional and official valuation service. You may wonder why items need to be inspected in person, but the specialist will need to check all features are in order. The inspection will also involve checking the model to see whether it is a limited version, as this could increase its value, and to ensure it’s a genuine version of the item. If you are having a watch valued and anything seems untoward during the visual inspection, the specialist may deem fit to carry out an internal inspection of the watch also. Valuations are carefully considered to give you as accurate a quote as possible.

Valuations normally take around 7 working days and then you can pick your item back up, from our store. Upon completion of the valuation, we will present you with a book with images of your item. It is then up to you to decide what you want to with your jewellery or watch piece. If you are looking to sell, we have a range of services in which we can help you.